So After one and a half year of the marathon in Dream city of India
It was time to say goodbye to a city where few are living the dream and few are still chasing.
Though I never liked Mumbai much due to its fast life, overly expensive homes, humid climate, and nerve-wracking traffic, this city was the last preference of mine after completing post-graduation from Pune.

But the journey to my dream started from Mumbai “My First Job”.

When you are on a road of chasing your dream, you should better picture your destination than tough road carrying curvy stones and sharp thorns.

Mumbai was very overwhelming “crowded narrow streets carrying a million dreams”. This city always makes you awestruck.
From Independent Sky rising towers to densely populated slums and streets, Extremely rich and powerful people enjoying the luxurious life to deprived and poor people trying to sustain on roads fighting to survive while middle class sandwiched between trying to amplify their lives in their teeny tiny apartments.

Mumbai is according to me is the most diverse city in the world, You’ll find hundreds of people from all across the world, for a Mumbaikar this city is his soul.

Mumbai is Like a perfect five course meal carries all the flavors which makes it imperfectly perfect.
Bewitching blend of Gothic, Victorian, and contemporary architecture stops you to embrace it’s beauty, Spell-bounding and Serene view of Marine drive sweeps away all your miseries, Stars and Beggars walking on same streets ,Gigantic and Dazzling Arabian
Sea welcoming whole world without classism, Biggest Slum in Asia generates over $1 billion dollars in a year.

Mumbai will give you a home even if you are a homeless maybe an open roof but it will accept you.

A city where no one has time for anyone, A city that never sleeps, Local Train called as lifeline of Mumbai “ironically more than 5 people lose their lives in this lifeline every day” carries people like thousands of ants on a jaggery piece.

It was a rollercoaster ride learned a lot, thousands of experience I lived in just one and a half year, and kinda really precious small joyful moments to
extremely hard and busy life.

  • Mumbai Rain: Unstoppable Mumbai rain sometimes rains 4–5 days non stop, Floating cars on the roads, Local Train on halt, Ceased roads.
    But even this can’t stop this city moving, people always find a way to reach their work carrying thousands of umbrellas, legs and shoes drenched in muddy street water it’s just amazing.
  • Marine Drive: Thousands of love stories started from this Beautiful Bay. You can’t describe Mumbai without marine drive. Staring at horizon, Listening waves crashing stones. At 3 Am when the whole world is in deepest sleep, you’ll find hundreds of people laughing, singing and creating memories leaving behind busy streets and tiring live. After a long tiring and exhausting day at work, thousands of people seek this peace.
  • Carter Road: Not a really popular place but I have some beautiful memories associated with this place. A sea coast opposite of the Social cafe kinda costliest part of the city in Bandra. People walking their cute dogs, jogging and running, old people playing chess, artist and dancers showing their skills, friends laughing and playing while Love birds do what they want to do xD.
  • Local Train: People catching and hanging on the running train risking their lives. You need guts to travel in peak hours a hell of adrenaline rush. Sometimes I missed my station as I couldn’t come out out of the train, sometimes couldn’t step in. Millions of people travel every day as it is really cheap in this expensive city, sometimes you won't be able to breathe, an overly crowded station like millions of ants. Trains without doors people hanging and fighting for space. A total nightmare to be honest. But a hell of an Experience
  • Fort Area: CST, Gateway, Colaba these areas are surrounded by Majestic buildings and Mesmerizing architecture of British times and beautiful streets, where you can cheapest clothes, antiques and souvenirs

To be continued ….

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