With controls and orientation handling for android and ios

I was trying to implement Video component in react-native but every library has it’s pros and cons specially regarding support for video-controls in android and IOS platform plus fullscreen support ,and to handle situation when orientation is locked i.e app runs…

After 6 months caged within four walls due to Covid my
inner wanderlust soul started longing for an expedition..
I asked myself what i would i say to myself if I’ll die tomorrow
“I wish i could explore more places”

And i said let’s plan another solo trip
I’m not sure…

A Comprehensive study on web components why to use, when to use, when not to use, performance, limitations, challenges with use cases and examples

A web component is a standardised way of creating encapsulated, reusable user interface elements for the web.


  • Web Component is similar to that of components in…

(Alarm ringing)
So wake me up when it’s all over
When I’m wiser and I’m older….

Rishiiiii you sloth can you please turn off your alarm(my flatmate screams from another room),
with closed eyes searching my phone here and there .
then White dazzling light of my phone blinded me for a…

A simple integration of Complex navigation (Stack, Drawer, BottomTab) with an Auth Flow and Redux, in react native navigation V5

In this article I’ll be explaining how to use complex navigation in react native all together i.e (Stack, Drawer, BottomTab) navigators.

So After one and a half year of the marathon in Dream city of India
It was time to say goodbye to a city where few are living the dream and few are still chasing. …


Let’s take a small practical scenario there’s a typo or a spelling mistake or any UI issue(like alignment change etc) in your application, Which is now live on app store and play store , now to resolve this you need to release a patch release and go through a release…

Rishi Sahu

Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer | React | Node | React_Native

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